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Living Free

Lessons Learned Facilitator's Guide

Lessons Learned Facilitator's Guide

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We live in a broken and fallen world; our brokenness extends to the depths of our emotions, our souls, and our sexuality. This small group curriculum by Tammy Webb-Witholt deals with moving from a homosexual lifestyle into a vital growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

What it offers:

  • Shows that the goal is not to move from homosexuality into heterosexuality, but the goal of our lives as followers of Christ is to come into His holiness which can cause our desires to change.
  • Shows that our journey of faith in Christ, whatever the depth of our brokenness, sexual or otherwise, is not to merely stop being one thing in order to become another.
  • Shows that the goal of each day is to grow toward Christ. God by the power of His Holy Spirit and the truth of His Holy Word transforms us into a new creation.
  • Shows that holiness is used in the truest definition of the word holy meaning to be set apart for God.

Suggested use: Support Groups, Home Groups Cell Groups, Sunday School Classes.

Nine sessions

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