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Living Free

Fearless Forgiveness Facilitator Guide

Fearless Forgiveness Facilitator Guide

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Within the pages of this study, we will journey together on some tough and challenging roads, but we can persevere with full confidence that God will be at work in us, with us, and through us as He conforms us more and more into the image of His Son. We are filled with joy that God is at work in you and that you are about to experience more forgiveness in your life than you ever have before. May He bless you richly in your journey!

Table of Contents:

Fearless Forgiveness 

- Your Invitation to Fearless Forgiveness
- Getting Started
- Suggested Group Format
- Course Goals and Objectives
- Session One: Beyond the Prison Walls
- Session Two: Forgiveness Isn’t Fair
- Session Three: God’s Heartbeat
- Session Four: The Essence of Forgiveness Part One
- Session Five: The Essence of Forgiveness Part Two
- Session Six: The Power of Grace
- Session Seven: Choices for the Wounded
- Session Eight: The Call for Help
- Session Nine: Blessings Not Bitterness
- Session Ten: What If I Still Can’t Forgive?

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