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Living Free

Facilitator Certification Course - Please read description for purchasing registration

Facilitator Certification Course - Please read description for purchasing registration

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Facilitator Course Description

Living Free Academy Training - Via Video Conferencing (Instructions to follow registration)

Who should attend:

Facilitator/Group Leader Certification: Anyone who would like to know more about Living Free and how they can get involved in helping people overcome life-controlling problems. No Experience Required. Certification for Facilitating/Leading Living Free Support Groups.
Required book: Living Free Coordinator's Guide:

Overview: This is an online independent study course with opportunities for sharing in an online class forum and weekly, 1 hour, video conferencing meetings (Several times and days of the week available to be determined by the first week after course opens). Each participant will be required to follow the course of study for each chapter and be required to participant in weekly video conferencing discussions. There is required reading and video in each chapter as you progress through the course.

This course is scheduled to last 4-5 weeks.

Required Hours: 10 Hours of Training


Follow up dates available for Mentoring as requested.

To Register for a Living Free online course

2. Click on the desired course date.

4. Click on "Create New Account"

5. Once you have created an account, there will be an email sent to your inbox to confirm your account (Check your spam or trash folder)

6. Go back to and log into your new account

7. Select the desired course based on the available dates and register for the course

8. Purchase the required training guide (Living Free Training Coordinator's Guide)

9. After registration, log into the course, and begin to follow the introductory section of the course.  

10. A "Welcome to the Course" email with next step instructions will be sent to you at least 4 days before the starting date of the course. 

God bless,

Living Free

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