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This participant's workbook that accompanies the Living Free Video Training series.

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Flip through this curriculum.

This participant's workbook helps participants in the video training retain and apply the principles set forth in the videos and discussions. It guides individuals through the training with content summaries, group interaction, and additional helpful resources.

Presented in two parts, it informs participants who either have  life-controlling problem or have a loved one with a life-controlling problem:

Part 1: Learning to Live Free

  • Segment 1: Defining Life-Controlling Problems
  • Segment 2: Mastered and Trapped by Issues
  • Segment 3: Walls of Protection
  • Segment 4: Family Influences Segment
  • 5: Helping or Harming?

Part 2: Helping Others to Live Free through Small Groups

  • Segment 6: The Small Group Strategy
  • Segment 7: Effective Facilitation and Communication
  • Segment 8: Launching a Living Free Ministry

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