2018 Living Free Webinar Training

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Item Id: Sept. 20 - Oct. 18, 2018 Living Free Webinar
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Living Free Training - Via Video Conferencing

Required Hours: 10 Hours of Training

2018 Dates:

Thursdays - January 25 - February 22

Fridays - April 27 to May 25

Thursdays - July 19 - August 16

Thursdays - September 20 - October 18

Time: 1:30PM(1330) to 3:30PM(1530) Eastern Standard Time(NYC Time)


Book Required: Living Free Coordinator’s Guide - Available Free download for Leaders outside the United States upon request.


Prerequisite: View the Living Free Training Videos to become familiar with LF. Available online. Request links to videos.

All participants must have a copy of the Living Free Coordinator Guide.

International participants can request a link to the guide.

US participants may purchase a copy at http://store.livingfree.org/Living-Free-Video-Training-Coordinators-Guide_p_253.html

Recommended to attend in consecutive sessions

Format: for 2 hour sessions:


Introduction to Lesson


Q & A

Introduction to Next Lesson


Q & A

Week 1    Introductions, History of Living Free & Overview of Training

  Session 1 - Defining Life-Controlling Problems

Week 2   Session 2 - Mastered & Trapped by Our Issues

Session 3 - Walls of Protection

Week 3 Session 4 - Family Influences

Session 5 - Helping or Harming?

Week 4 Session 6 - The Small Group Strategy

Session 7 - Effective Facilitation & Communication

Week 5 Session 8 - Launching a Living Free Ministry

Session 9 - Follow up Items and a sample Insight Group Session

Explanation of Resources Available and Requirements for Final Approval

For Living Free Faulty Certification


Week 6 Any makeup work along with another sample Insight Group Session

Follow up dates available for Mentoring as requested..

Please contact info@livingfree.org to request an application to become Living Free Faculty Certified after registering for this training.