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E-Book Facilitator Guide / Leader Guide

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Everyone will experience some type of loss during their lifetime.

Many times, loss is the specific reason people get trapped in a life-controlling problem. People try to cover up the pain from loss in many different unproductive ways. Loss comes in many forms: death, loss of a job, loss of freedom, loss of a relationship and many other types of losses. This guide covers a multitude of losses that create pain in a person's life. 

For most people, a course on handling the disappointments of life is not high on their priority list. We do not like to think about or admit to having pain. Worse yet, we are often clueless about the amount and types of life-disappointments in our personal lives. Even worse than that, we are unaware that we are handling them badly. 

The course goal common to every lesson is to identify troublesome areas of the losses and
disappointments of life and to deal with them in constructive ways.

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